Looking for an Economic Boost for your Business? Hire More Women.


The  above article has investment and top-tier advice but when we read between the lines, we see key points we care about in “projectland”…

  1. Diversity increases team performance.  Diversity in experience, thinking and perspective is a definite plus in building a high-performing project team that is ready for anything.
  2. “majority groups improve their own performance in response to minority involvement.”
  3. ” the collective intelligence of a group was not mostly determined by the average or maximum intelligence of the individuals within the group but was better explained by the style and type of interaction between the group members. More women in the group signaled a greater collective intelligence.”
  4. Clear communication, customer satisfaction, and considering diversity and corporate social responsibility matter.
  5. Change happens most quickly when it is driven from the top.  Europe continues to win the gender equality olympics – (“over the past five years, seven countries have passed legislation mandating female board representation and eight have set non-mandatory targets. Those countries are mostly in Europe.”)

Many thanks to PMthink co-founder and governance guru, Frank, for this article!

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