What does Project Management and Marriage Have In Common?

What does Project Management and Marriage have in common?  The need for commitment!

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.”~ Peter F. Drucker

Just a friendly reminder from one of the most respected business minds… make sure the right people sign-off!

About the Author

Dawn is CEO and Senior Business Consultant at Blue Isis,LLC., a Program Management Office (PMO) & Talent Development consulting firm. While her math degree didn't kill her and made her a stronger problem solver, her first love is communicating. So when she met Project Management, she was hooked. Dawn is a dynamic leader, regular speaker, an acknowledged coach and mentor and has never met a warm water sport she hasn't liked. For more information on Blue Isis, LLC and their services go to their website at www.blueisisllc.com. Stay connected with Dawn and Blue Isis on Twitter @BlueIsisLLC and on Facebook www.facebook.com/BlueIsisLLC.