Project Management, the Universal Language?

We live in global economy and in this technological era, we are enabled to do business with anyone, anywhere, anytime with ease.  It is said that music is the universal language – it is practiced by and enjoyed by people around the world, but I think that there is an argument that Project Management falls under a similar vein.  At the heart of Project Management there is an objective, and a plan to be made.  It’s a concept that anyone can relate to, regardless of where they are located.

When dealing with global clients, many of us focus on the most obvious barrier, language.   How can we effectively communicate and collaborate when we don’t speak the same native tongue?  Well, we do what we can to to bridge that gap, but perhaps an equally important part of collaborating with a n international client is to embrace their culture.  Get to know your clients and their business, but also be aware that their way of business might vary from yours.  This PMI article sums it up very well, “By understanding an individual’s personal, national and organizational cultures, you can better align the team and gain greater influence.”

About the Author

Dawn is CEO and Senior Business Consultant at Blue Isis,LLC., a Program Management Office (PMO) & Talent Development consulting firm. While her math degree didn't kill her and made her a stronger problem solver, her first love is communicating. So when she met Project Management, she was hooked. Dawn is a dynamic leader, regular speaker, an acknowledged coach and mentor and has never met a warm water sport she hasn't liked. For more information on Blue Isis, LLC and their services go to their website at Stay connected with Dawn and Blue Isis on Twitter @BlueIsisLLC and on Facebook