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  • Customer  Projects

    Customer facing projects

    Round out your list of growth and efficiency projects with customer-facing initiatives that drive intimacy and satisfaction. Getting closer to your customers adds extra growth potential to your IT project portfolio. … … “Campbell describes TfL’s new IT strategy as highly customer focused. He plans...

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  • IT Market Insights

    IT Market Insights

    The mid-tier enterprise is exhibiting leadership in adoption of new strategies for driving operational efficiency in the technology infrastructure. … … “Mid-sized enterprises are more aggressive and pioneering than either small or large enterprises. They are adopting new technology initiatives such as cloud computing, replication,...

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  • Project Visibility

    Project Visibility

    Federal CIO makes progress with government IT strategy, enabling data and project visibility through dashboards. … … “And the recently launched federal IT Dashboard–a display of IT project status that corporations would do well to mimic–has not only given the public visibility into the performance...

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  • Focused Green IT Benefits

    Focused Green IT Benefits

    Leave high-level measures to the enterprise sustainability initiative and focus the IT organization on metrics that are in their path of control. … … “To sustain focus and support for a green IT strategy, CIOs must select granular performance metrics that enable comparison and prioritisation,...

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  • Strategy Execution through Well-Defined Projects

    Strategy Execution through Well-Defined Projects

    A fair amount of the IT strategy is made up of the portfolio of discretionary investment projects that will drive business growth and/or efficiency. Rightsizing those projects with your team and delivering to your schedules will set the tone with executive leadership. There will be...

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  • CFO CIO Collaboration

    CFO CIO Collaboration

    How best to bridge the gap between CFO and CIO perspectives? Well-written business cases. Balance of tangible and business-relevant measures. A functioning governance process. Staffed governing council(s). A business-savvy IT strategic story. What else? … … “ROI doesn’t always capture the true value of an...

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  • Certifiably Green

    Certifiably Green

    As IT sustainability objectives become more prevalent, the British Computer Society creates a certificate in Green IT to prepare IT professionals for development of a green IT strategy. … … “By the end of the three day course, candidates will have a fundamental understanding of...

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  • Strategy Execution

    Strategy Execution

    Executing on your IT vision requires making investment decisions and allocating your human and financial resources to the disciplined pursuit of your key strategies and enabling projects. … … “This requires clear decisions with priorities and clear IT resource allocation based on priorities—adjusted to relevant...

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  • Brutal IT Strategy

    Brutal IT Strategy

    Financial industry achieves competitive advantage through brutal IT strategy that “kills the competition and takes no prisoners”. … … “The front office is conducting the war and IT is one of their assets to be deployed on the battlefield and make something work better, cheaper...

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  • Virtual CIO Planned

    Virtual CIO Planned

    Government IT will get an efficiency and alignment boost with virtual CIO’s … … “Rebecca tells us the 20-year-old company is creating a virtual CIO that can give clients an IT strategy. ” … Via Washington Tech Bis Now: TWIN TECH

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