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    Turn Your Failures into Success (Part 1)

    Failure rates for projects are staggering.  We shouldn’t be surprised.  By definition projects are unique.  Unique means that in the history of the world, no one has ever done it before – with these people, in this environment, with these materials…something is different.  We should...

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  • The British Bloodhound SuperSonic Car

    Innovation & Rapid Results (Go Team!)

    Our latest favorite Superproject… It’s Australia versus Britain as two teams battle it out to build a car that can hit 1,000mph, reports the BBC’s Duncan Kennedy. We love it when a little healthy competition results in innovation and “rapid” results…may the best team break...

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  • Project Manager as Enabler of Business Value

    Project Manager as Enabler of Business Value

    The roles and skills of IT professionals are shifting and project managers will be well served if they cultivate a personal brand of enabling business value. … … “enabler jobs such as business enterprise architects, business technologists, systems analysts and project managers will be most...

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  • Agile Team Lead Role

    Agile Team Lead Role

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  • SpinOff and Divestitute IT Projects

    SpinOff and Divestitute IT Projects

    Not all IT projects are growth, efficiency, or talent enablers. Periodically, IT needs to support divestiture or spin-offs. These types of projects often can involve segmenting / securing the divested business in the existing enterprise systems, so that temporary IT services can be extended for...

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  • Project Turnaround

    Project Turnaround

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  • Project Manager to Police the Street

    Project Manager to Police the Street

    Nice career move for technology project manager with financial and fraud experience … … “Storch has a strong background in technology systems and project management, Khuzami said in a statement. He will help to make us more efficient and nimble, and permit us to put...

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  • Experience Matters

    Experience Matters

    Government technology organizations are learning (the hard way?) that experience matters. A project organization should have a mix of experience and skills, so that a pipeline of talent is being developed by more senior staff and there is adequate diversity of situational experience. … …...

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  • Project Managers Dig Deeper

    Project Managers Dig Deeper

    Project managers perform the smell test on key measures of success and do not always accept the immediate answer without appropriate validation. Ultimately, the steering team is placing their trust in the project manager to execute on the plan, but also to understand the full...

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  • Project Leadership and Management

    Project Leadership and Management

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