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  • Customer  Projects

    Customer facing projects

    Round out your list of growth and efficiency projects with customer-facing initiatives that drive intimacy and satisfaction. Getting closer to your customers adds extra growth potential to your IT project portfolio. … … “Campbell describes TfL’s new IT strategy as highly customer focused. He plans...

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  • IT Project Planning for 2010

    IT Project Planning for 2010

    Still refining that growth-focused IT project proposal with the less than tangible business case? According to recent Gartner survey, now may be the time to shift your portfolio weighting to projects with a growth emphasis. … … “Business leaders are gasping for growth after a...

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  • High Potential Project Portfolio Category

    High Potential Project Portfolio Category

    A good portfolio should have an innovation category for high-potential, game-changing investments where the risk of failure is moderate to high and the governing body accepts failure as a way to learn and fail forward. … … “It’s important, he says, to allocate some portion...

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  • Platinum Projects Stay Funded

    Platinum Projects Stay Funded

    Credit Suisse CIO Karl Landert was recently appointed to the company’s executive board and reports to the CEO. He shares insights into steering the IT ship using flexibility and agility in staffing, while ensuring that the highest priority / value projects in the portfolio remain...

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  • Strategic Position of Projects

    Strategic Position of Projects

    IT project portfolios are currently under-review for reducing investment. Portfolio reviews are a healthy process. Visibility into the business case financials and support for the current business strategy are key inputs to enable the discussion. Exercising this (even if painful) will increase your process maturity,...

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  • Document Project Portfolio Moves

    Document Project Portfolio Moves

    Document your project portfolio changes — in-summary on the portfolio dashboard and in appropriate detail in offline documentation — so you have a reference to your history. … … “At some point in the future, you may find this decision to be called into question....

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  • Innovation Projects

    Innovation Projects

    While we are confronting the strongest headwinds since the Great Depression, leave room in your shrinking project portfolio for innovation and growth investments. It is understandable that operational efficiency and financial stability will move to the forefront and the portfolio balance will shift. There are...

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  • Project with Short Term Benefits

    Project with Short Term Benefits

    Advice on information technology is mixed, as we head into this economic storm. For some enterprises, shifting to short term payback may be necessary to emerge from trough of this economic cycle. However, the some companies will use this environment to implement transformations and shift...

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  • Navigate Project Minefield

    Navigate Project Minefield

    The CIO agenda and the underlying IT project portfolio can benefit from navigating the political waters in an enterprise. Project managers should tap into the cross-line of business and function perspective provided by the IT organization to sense and respond to developing situations – ultimately...

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  • Manage Project Portfolio During Recession Environment

    Manage Project Portfolio During Recession Environment

    This recession could cause your enterprise to scale back its investment commitment for projects. Now is a good time to refine your project ranking and scan the pipeline for high-value ungoverned project proposals. Investment scenarios can be helpful to facilitate a portfolio review with your...

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