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  • Empathy

    Revolution! – Good for Project Management?

    There’s the old adage of walking a mile in another man’s shoes to truly understanding where they’ve been. This adage applies a very basic principle – empathy. To empathize with others is to understand their world, and view of it.  Author Roman Krznaric explains in this...

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  • globepic

    Project Management, the Universal Language?

    We live in global economy and in this technological era, we are enabled to do business with anyone, anywhere, anytime with ease.  It is said that music is the universal language – it is practiced by and enjoyed by people around the world, but I...

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  • checklist

    Turn Your Resolutions into Reality

    Tips from powerhouse, Richard Branson, on turning those resolutions into reality – action planning and tracking via the almighty “list”….

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  • cats-with-thumbs-cravendale-military-strategy

    Resource Management Tips from Military History

    A perennial struggle for organizations is how to balance resource capacity with ever-increasing demand. Yet companies still do the same things: Holding ENDLESS meetings to review CLUNKY spreadsheets of OVERLOADED project portfolios Trying to figure out why half the projects are delayed or in trouble;...

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  • progress_arrow_up

    Project Management Pearls of Wisdom from MLK

    As we take this day to celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., we leave you with this quote that we as Project Managers can appreciate.   Accomplishing goals does not happen automatically, and does require effort from dedicated individuals.   “Human...

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  • PMP Countdown

    Attention PMP-to-be’s and PMPs! New Edition of PMI’s Foundational Standards Released

    Attention PMP-to-be’s and PMPs! PMI just released the latest editions of 3 standards in project, program and portfolio management. So, if you are using the current PMBOK Guide (Fourth Edition) to study, the pressure is on! Plan to sit for the exam before July 31. After...

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  • Endzone

    Projects Meet Original Goals With A Strong PMO

    Did you know that 65% of projects meet original goals in organizations with a strong PMO? . . . at least, according to PMI Pulse of the Profession 2012… The stronger your PMO, the better you will be able to: Improve decision-making by keeping benefits and...

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  • commitment

    What does Project Management and Marriage Have In Common?

    What does Project Management and Marriage have in common?  The need for commitment! “Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.”~ Peter F. Drucker Just a friendly reminder from one of the most respected business minds… make sure the right people sign-off!

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  • Start-finish-line

    The Home Stretch: Bring Those Projects Across the Finish Line

    This week is the beginning of a new quarter and for many of you, the last of your fiscal year. Time to bring your projects over the finish line. Just a friendly reminder to make sure this stressful time is a good experience for all...

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  • blueprint

    The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

    “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”~ Alan Lakein There are many parallels between Project Management and sports, and as Football season has recently started, the adage “the best defense is a good offense” comes...

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