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    Managing Work Conflict – It Can Be Done!

      As we’ve reached the holiday season, wishing everyone Peace, Love and Joy, let’s apply it to our project life.  Imagine you’re part of a team where everyone doesn’t always get along.  Problem is, teamwork is a vital part of delivering successful projects, right?  Maybe...

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    Have Your Heard? PMThink Contributor to be Interviewed on Executive Leaders Radio

    Have you heard?? Blue Isis LLC CEO, and PMThink contributor, Dawn Mahan is going to be interviewed Friday, May 17th on Executive Leaders Radio. Be sure to support her by listening in! In the Philadelphia/NJ area the interview can be heard on: WIFI 1460 AM...

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    Reclaim The Most Important Hour of the Day

    Lunch could be the most important hour of your work day!  Adapting advice from the following article to projectland… We’ve all seen it happen: People get trapped in the web of monotonous, boring, unhealthy lunches at work. They don’t leave enough time to prepare...

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    Revolution! – Good for Project Management?

    There’s the old adage of walking a mile in another man’s shoes to truly understanding where they’ve been. This adage applies a very basic principle – empathy. To empathize with others is to understand their world, and view of it.  Author Roman Krznaric explains in this...

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    Project Management, the Universal Language?

    We live in global economy and in this technological era, we are enabled to do business with anyone, anywhere, anytime with ease.  It is said that music is the universal language – it is practiced by and enjoyed by people around the world, but I...

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  • For Greater ROI, Focus on Priority Features & People

    For Greater ROI, Focus on Priority Features & People

    This CIO Insight article and slideshow provides some statistics that you may be able to use to support greater attention to developing the RIGHT features.  Agile methods can help by encouraging the top priority items are developed first. 52.5% of respondents say that 80% of...

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    Project stakeholder satisfaction

    Do you track stakeholder satisfaction during your project? Besides the sponsor, have you identified any other stakeholders worth consulting? Identifying and engaging your stakeholders can position your project for success. Read on for insights into stakeholder engagement. … … “One of the best ways to...

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