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    Reclaim The Most Important Hour of the Day

    Lunch could be the most important hour of your work day!  Adapting advice from the following article to projectland… http://www.innovationamerica.us/index.php/innovation-daily/29264-lunch-the-most-important-hour-of-the-day We’ve all seen it happen: People get trapped in the web of monotonous, boring, unhealthy lunches at work. They don’t leave enough time to prepare...

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  • Empathy

    Revolution! – Good for Project Management?

    There’s the old adage of walking a mile in another man’s shoes to truly understanding where they’ve been. This adage applies a very basic principle – empathy. To empathize with others is to understand their world, and view of it.  Author Roman Krznaric explains in this...

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    Project Management, the Universal Language?

    We live in global economy and in this technological era, we are enabled to do business with anyone, anywhere, anytime with ease.  It is said that music is the universal language – it is practiced by and enjoyed by people around the world, but I...

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  • Project Negligence

    Project failed with collateral damage, time to punish?

    When is it appropriate to punish for failure, who should receive it, and how should it be done?  Here’s approach to deal with the deepwater drilling project failure and the lack of risk management at BP.  … …   “So long as we fail to hold...

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