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    Looking for an Economic Boost for your Business? Hire More Women. The  above article has investment and top-tier advice but when we read between the lines, we see key points we care about in “projectland”… Diversity increases team performance.  Diversity in experience, thinking and perspective is a definite plus in building a high-performing project team that...

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  • For Greater ROI, Focus on Priority Features & People

    For Greater ROI, Focus on Priority Features & People

    This CIO Insight article and slideshow provides some statistics that you may be able to use to support greater attention to developing the RIGHT features.  Agile methods can help by encouraging the top priority items are developed first. 52.5% of respondents say that 80% of...

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    Align project proposal to business issues

    What is keeping your executives up at night?  Find out.  Understand the issues confronting your businesses and functions and align your project business case to solving the problem and closing the gaps.  … …   “The benefit to this top down approach is that it builds...

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