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  • Habitat-Cambodia

    Blue Isis Gives Back With Habitat For Humanity

    Dawn Mahan, Founder and CEO of Blue Isis LLC, is wrapping up a journey of lifetime.  On this St. Patrick’s Day where we celebrate luck, there is a community of people in Cambodia who have found a bit of luck through the generosity of volunteers...

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  • globepic

    Project Management, the Universal Language?

    We live in global economy and in this technological era, we are enabled to do business with anyone, anywhere, anytime with ease.  It is said that music is the universal language – it is practiced by and enjoyed by people around the world, but I...

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  • Start-finish-line

    The Home Stretch: Bring Those Projects Across the Finish Line

    This week is the beginning of a new quarter and for many of you, the last of your fiscal year. Time to bring your projects over the finish line. Just a friendly reminder to make sure this stressful time is a good experience for all...

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